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We analyse your needs and unique business features to ensure that the chosen payment provider aligns perfectly with your requirements.
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No solutions for specific industry?
Difficult onboarding process?
Too expensive?
No relevant solution?
Bad customer support?
Low region coverage?
Pay-out problems?
No trusted provider?
Difficult KYB process?
No Apple Pay?
Problems with the checkout UX?
No local payment methods?

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Elevate your online store with the right payment partners, handpicked to match your e-commerce hustle.
Secure the most robust and compliant payment solutions tailored to the unique demands of the gambling industry.
Keep your travelers’ journeys smooth with seamless payment integrations, from booking to the last mile.
We help marketplaces enhance their seller and buyer experience with payment providers that offer versatility and ease of use.
Our consultancy bridges the gap between large-scale enterprises and sophisticated payment platforms that match your transactional volume and complexity.
We specialize in pairing educational institutions with payment providers that streamline tuition and funding processes.
Enhance your guests' experience with payment systems that offer convenience and security, from check-in to check-out.

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Careful analysis
We analyse your needs and unique business features to ensure that the chosen payment provider aligns perfectly with your requirements.
Only verified providers
We keep our partner database up to date, modifying it based on real experience working with providers and client feedback.
Support at every stage
From selecting the provider to signing the contract, we are ready to answer your questions and ensure a smooth transition to the new payment solution.
No routine tasks
Save your business development team hours of time every week by leveraging our expert research and automation expertise.
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1Submit request
Submit your request, and our team will contact you to schedule an interview and learn more about your business.
2Analysis and report
We will determine which payment provider options best suit your requirements. We provide you with detailed information about all selected providers.
3Select and onboard
Communicate, collaborate and decide with the selected providers until you find your perfect partner. All with our continuous support through the whole journey.
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  • 1 request
  • 3+ guaranteed solutions
  • Negotiable rates with finding solutions
  • Support in KYC process with payments providers

What’s included? The complete package

Dedicated manager
Business-hour access to your expert for tailored support.
Contacts and direct chats with the providers.
Guidance through every step of the setup and integration process.
On-Demand Reporting
Receive detailed summaries about your matches whenever you need them.
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What is the flow of cooperation with PayAtlas Assist?

The flow of cooperation includes the following steps:

  1. Introduction meeting with the responsible manager of PayAtlas;
  2. Collecting the basic information about the company;
  3. Signing the services agreement;
  4. Introduction with the relevant providers.
What is included in your services?

Our consultancy services include searching for the relevant providers via our database and introducing them to the merchants. We analyse all the risk factors of the business and find the best payment options for our clients.

How many payment solutions can we get?

The merchant will get at least three introductions with the providers, one provider can offer several payment solutions to cover the priority demand of the merchant. Also, if we find more providers who are ready to move forward with you, we will set up an introduction meeting with them. In conclusion, the merchant will not get less than three payment solutions.

What if we do not find a suitable provider among those you introduced to us?

If for some reason you will not be able to proceed with any of the introduced providers, you can apply for the additional two providers via our database.

Will you negotiate about buy rates?

We are a consultancy service, therefore we do not interfere with processes such as customizing rates or collecting KYC documents, but we are open to discussing your case separately and offering additional services if needed.

What is the price of your service?

For details on how this package can serve your specific needs, connect with us!

Is the UBO citizenship important for finding providers?

The UBO citizenship is crucial for most of the acquirers. For example, a lot of European banks can only onboard EU companies with EU UBOs. The same is true for US banks, if the company is registered in the United States then the UBO should be a US citizen as well. That is why we need to know the UBO citizenship to provide you with the providers who will be able to proceed further with the specific merchant.

What are the main company features for filtering the relevant providers?

Here is the list of the main company features:

  • Legal entity name
  • Country of registration
  • UBO citizenship
  • Website
  • Detailed Business Description / MCC code / Category (Industry)
  • Overall monthly processing turnover, euro
  • Projected 12 months transaction volume
  • Projected growth rate in years 1-3
  • Payment geography / Cardholder location
  • Processing history period
  • Fraud levels / Refund ratio / Chargebacks ratio
  • Current and previous acquirers if known
  • Payment methods

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