PayAtlas is a global catalogue of payment service providers for online - businesses and payment professionals

We have officially launched in May 2020. PayAtlas helpsto find the best and most relevantonline payment solutions for various businesses and insights about digital payments across the globe.

We havefour ambitious goalsand we want to make them real


Provide a full-fledged database with
all PSPs across the globe.


Unify all payment providers
in a single point.


Establish insightful analytics on
FinTech and Digital payments market.


Help PSPs showcase their solutions
to their audience.

Our mission is tostreamline the process of findingthe right payment service providers for every business across the globe.

PA Team


FOUNDER / chief executive officer

A Founder is an individual who establishes
a company and holds its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position.


chief marketing officer

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), also called a global marketing officer or marketing director, is a corporate executive responsible for marketing activities in an organization.


chief operating officer

A Chief Operating Officer (COO), also called
a chief operations officer, is one of the
highest-ranking executive positions in an organization, comprising part of the "C-suite".


Chief Security Officer

A Chief Security Officer (CSO) is the employee responsible for the physical security of a company, including its communication and business systems.

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